By | July 13, 2019

Does Google “trust” your site? Today page rank is second best to the trust rank factor. Here is why.
Google’s Matt Cutts from the above video talks briefly, so lets look into it further. Page Rank is determined by the search engines looking at your online’s site’s links. These are links from both within the site and links from outside (internal and external linking.) For SEO Link Building purposes internal links within your site and “who you know” backlinks are both taken into account.

Trust Rank is determined a trust relationship you build with search engines over time.

Is your site linking out to others?
Who is linking back to you?
Do you use spamming methods?
Does your website contain only unique quality content?
Do you use automated linking systems that look unnatural?
Are your affiliate links cloaked?
When the internet began, websites linked with other sites while naturally building online site relationships and also finding their page rank grew. However, some time after this more website owners found “sneaky” ways to carry out writing content and link building tactics that were far from natural and more like spam. (Often these “black hat” methods were carries out by the advancement in automated technology software) The search engines hated this because it took away from the quality of what they had to offer their browsers when searching the web. In effect, these websites were getting higher search engine rankings by cheating.

Google and other search engines picked up on this and decided to step in and try to eradicate it. Google algorithms change from time to time and these artificial ways to improve page rank were met head on.

Google is the most popular search engine at present and it wants to stay that way. They will constantly keep updating their algorithm to protect that high rating.

Today to get improved Google rankings and higher page rank you need to be very careful using automated software, especially for new websites. Remember the search engines want quality unique content, and a steady rate of backlinks, or they will penalize any site by dropping it’s rankings. Black hat seo methods are futile for building a long term asset and trust rank relationship with Google.

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